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Alternative Cleaning Limited know that Combating infections is a difficult task; treating the sheer number of areas within places such as hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and even the workplace and the vast numbers of people passing through them, can seem like an uphill challenge. With workplaces fully dependant on their workforce it is imperative that a clean and safe environment is provided to ensure minimum risk to employees, patients and visitors from infections.

In order to maintain exemplary hygiene standards, all services need to be adequately resourced and clearly defined through a strategic cleaning plan. Whilst cleaning schedules and routines need to be put in place, it’s vital that it doesn’t affect the client in a negative way. The risks of cross-contamination from people sharing contact points are huge, and these can normally be reduced by having the proper cleaning systems in place.

Cross contamination and prevention cleaning

Alternative Cleaning Limited understand that specialist cleaning needs to be carried out on a regular basis to reduce the number of cross-infections occurring. Ensuring public areas are regularly sanitised can have a big influence on the numbers of infections acquired within a workplace. Best results are achieved through a combination of a daily cleaning procedure being put in place and controlling the equipment and apparatus used and to this end having a colour coded system in place for cloths, mops and buckets etc.

Along with meticulous cleaning regimes, good hand hygiene is also critical in preventing cross-contamination. Good hand hygiene standards are vital if infectious organisms are not to be left on shared contact areas, where they would present an infection or contamination risk for other users. It is imperative that all cleaners wash their hands prior to cleaning any different area such as from kitchen to toilets to offices etc. and if gloves are worn these are to be segregated and worn for each specific area.

Despite having regular deep cleaning regimes and good hand sanitisation policies, people are still at risk from infectious outbreaks and when outbreaks of infections occur we as a specialist cleaning supplier must react quickly and appropriately to sanitise areas efficiently. Cleaners need to be highly trained, well equipped, and very experienced in providing not only a preventative cleaning standard but an emergency service whenever required.

At Alternative Cleaning Limited all staff must under-go a rigorous training programme and receive on-going refresher courses in the prevention and control of infection in the workplace and records of this kept in each employees file.

Alternative Cleaning Limited knows that partnering with the right supplier and advisor are the first steps towards a cleaner, safer workplace and to combatting the threat of potentially deadly diseases.

We can provide Cross Contamination and Prevention Cleaning to Offices in the Surrounding areas such as Aldershot, Camberley, Farnborough, Farnham, Godalming and Guildford

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