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Of all the carpet cleaning methods available, which is best for Office Carpet Cleaning? At Alternative Cleaning we know that the question is not which method is best but which method is best for you.

We carry out a thorough carpet inspection as a way of:

  • determining which method is best suited for the job
  • identifying any potential problems or limitations
  • discussing client expectations

Whichever carpet cleaning system is selected, a proper vacuuming is fundamental.

Approximately 79% of all carpet soil can be removed with vacuuming alone. Unfortunately, this vacuuming step is often overlooked with many carpet cleaning services.

At Alternative Cleaning we put emphasis on “healthy” cleaning and maintenance on a daily basis which is imperative that as much of the dry soil being removed through a regular pattern of vacuuming.

This way the customer is not having to shell out for a professional carpet clean on a too regular basis which all eats into any company’s budget.

Once it is established that the client needs to have a professional ‘Deep’ Clean what are the methods available?

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Dry Cleaning

The term dry cleaning brings to mind a kind of waterless cleaning system. Much like a dry cleaner would use to “dry clean” clothing.

The dry cleaning method is better described as low moisture carpet cleaning. It’s considered “dry” because the carpet can be cleaned and then quickly brought back into use.

The dry carpet cleaning methods are:

  1. Absorbent Powder/Dry Extraction Cleaning
    • This method utilizes an absorbent medium (sponges or powders) which has been impregnated with water and small amounts of detergent and solvent to absorb and control the soil once loosened, holding it for removal by vacuuming.The sponges/powder is worked into the carpet with a counter rotating double brush machine which also acts to revive the carpet pile during cleaning.
    • The advantages include less streaking and wick-backs of soil, and carpet can be back in service immediately.
    • The disadvantages of this method include a residue build-up of the absorbent sponges or powder which can be seen at the base of the carpet pile. This method is limited in its ability to clean heavily soiled carpet.
  2. Bonnet Pad Cleaning
    • This method is recommended for floor tiles which are very common within offices throughout the country today. This cleaning in this method is accomplished by spraying a cleaning agent on to the face of the carpet pile. The carpet is then buffed with absorbent pads (bonnets) attached to a floor machine.
    • The absorbent pads lift the carpet soil. When the bonnets quit absorbing soil the pads are rinsed, changed or turned over to finish the job.
    • The advantages of bonnet cleaning are seen in this system’s ability to quickly clean large areas which dry fast. A good system to use for a maintenance program which requires minimal operator skill.

The benefit of this kind of method is the quick drying time and actual time carrying out the work which makes a big saving to you the customer; however we strongly recommend a deeper cleaning such as ‘Hot Water Extraction’ for heavily soiled or thicker piled carpets please see below:

Hot Water Extraction

  • This method is performed by our portable equipment which is of the latest prochem range and has dual engines for extra suction to those heavily soiled areas and those lighter jobs such as upholstery, rugs and mats.The cleaning process works by injecting hot cleaning solution under reassure into the carpet fibres followed by immediate extraction. Proper “pre-conditioning” of areas of heavy soil accumulation is an important step in the steam cleaning process.This cleaning method works best when the carpet is pre-conditioned, agitated and then rinsed.
  • The advantages of the hot water extraction method are the high rates of production and relatively low chemical cost. Recognized as the most efficient method for soil removal by carpet manufacturers and fibre producers.
  • The disadvantages include longer drying times, high level of operator skill, and high equipment and maintenance costs.

Each method of carpet cleaning whether dry or wet has advantages and disadvantages. Each system can provide good results on its own if operated as designed. Some methods may be combined for increased cleaning efficiency. Alternative Cleaning Limited as your partner will recommend the best solution for your carpet needs.